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Health Protection

Preserving and maintaining the health of employees is considered by the Company as one of the strategically important areas Social policy, which qualitatively determines the conditions for increasing labor productivity in enterprises.

In order to improve the quality of medical care at remote production facilities, protect the health of employees and implement the strategic initiative "Modern Medicine", the Company implements a set of measures in the following main areas::

  • development and improvement of the system of emergency medical care and medical evacuation at the production facilities of the Group's Companies;
  • creation and development of a corporate telemedicine network;
  • introduction of a principally new program for screening, finding and treating of life-threatening health problems at an early stage.
  • prevention of diseases and development of a healthy lifestyle culture.

Emergency medical care at production facilities

At the Company's production facilities, there are about 200 medical and paramedic health centers equipped with modern medical equipment for providing timely and high-quality medical care, as well as professional training equipment for practicing the skills of providing emergency care by medical personnel.

Trainings on the provision of emergency medical care at the pre-hospital stage according to modern international standards in face-to-face and telemedicine formats for medical workers of the Company's health centers are organized and regularly conducted.

To regularly test the readiness for emergency medical response in emergencies, medical exercises of various levels are conducted on an ongoing basis.

Creation and development of a corporate telemedicine network

To improve the availability and quality of medical care for the Company's employees at remote production sites in hard-to-reach regions, a project to create a corporate telemedicine network is being implemented as part of the strategic initiative: in 2020, the corporate telemedicine network began operating on the basis of 33 remote production health centers of the pilot group's mining companies: LLC RN-Yuganskneftegaz, LLC RN-Vankor and LLC RN-Uvatneftegaz. This made it possible to conduct more than 2 thousand telemedicine consultations with major regional advisory centers.

Introduction of a qualitatively new medical examination program

Maintaining and strengthening health, increasing the professional longevity of employees are the priorities of the Company's qualitatively new medical examination program, aimed at identifying and treating life-threatening diseases at an early stage.

During the medical examination, the Company's employees receive an additional range of medical services for the active detection of cardiovascular and oncological diseases.

In 2020, taking into account anti-epidemic restrictions, more than 12 thousand employees of the Group's Subs took part in corporate medical examinations.

According to the results of the program for 2019-2020, taking into account the dispensary registration, outpatient treatment was organized for about 5 thousand participants of the medical examination, as well as the necessary inpatient treatment, including the use of high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Prevention of diseases and development of a healthy lifestyle culture

To prevent diseases, preserve and strengthen the health of the Company's employees, the implementation of the corporate program for the development of a healthy lifestyle culture "LIVE LONGER!" is continued for 2018-2022.

Taking into account the anti-epidemic measures applied on the territory of the Russian Federation in 2020, most of the Program's activities aimed at identifying and minimizing risks to the health of employees, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and strengthening physical and psychological health were held remotely and in the format of information campaigns.

Personal insurance programs

One of the key areas of the Company's work in creating a favorable social environment is the implementation of personal insurance programs, which cover more than 330 thousand employees of Rosneft and the Group's Subs.

The Company's employee personal insurance programs include:

  • voluntary medical insurance, which allows to provide medical services to employees in excess of the volumes guaranteed by the state, on the basis of high-tech, multidisciplinary clinics equipped with modern equipment;
  • voluntary accident insurance that protects employees in the event of death, complete or partial disability as a result of an accident. The Group's Subs are constantly working to increase the individual insurance amounts for employees, within which the insurer pays compensation.